Welcome to A New Chance!

This play-by-post campaign started on the GitP forums back in Oct 2007, and despite a DM change and a fair bit of player rollover, is still going strong! We’re running a d20 modern superhero variant called Phoenix, which can be found here. We started with version 0.1, and they’re up to 0.9 by now, but decided against the hassle of upgrading.

The main thrust of the campaign is a sandbox world with only very broad main storylines. The energy of the campaign relies heavily on the creativity of the players, whose only prompt was “You live in Rainport (which was briefly described). A warehouse in the southern district near the docks exploded last night, and you were close enough to get the chemicals on you. You woke up today with superpowers. GO.”

Hope you enjoy it – if you want to read the actual campaign threads, they can be found here (IC) and here (OoC). Otherwise, head on over to the wiki to read more about the world!

A New Chance