A New Chance

Assassination Attempt

Just as the Mayor finishes his speech, the Reaper attacks, but the fiend’s attack misses its mark. The Mayor’s body guards start to spring into action, but before they can, there is an explosion between the Mayor and City Hall. As it becomes apparent, the explosion was not an attack, but a mutant, who is composed of fire from head to toe, teleporting to that spot. It is facing City Hall and turns towards the Mayor who is still at the podium and says “Mr. Mayor, you said you had our backs, but this time I say I have yours. That shadow shall not attack you again without first going through me.”

After a moment’s pause, a white blur streaks next to the fire-man and standing to the right of him, still in her nurse’s outfit, stands Jen “And me. she adds.

Out of the crowd comes a man in a black costume with a blue half mask on and a blue T emblazoned on his chest, and he draws even with the other two, this time on the left of the fire-man. He cracks his knuckles before saying “And me.”

Next, what appears to be a giant wolf, and a blue mote of energy (the same one from the hospital) come onto the scene, behind the first 3 but still looking at where the Shadow disappeared. They similarly show their support for the Mayor.

The Mayor nods in appreciation, and signals for The Man to deliver his speech.

The Reaper snarls at the costumed do gooders that decided to interfere with his will. He emerges from the shadows farther in under the shade of city hall. He sneers at the heroes, “Come and face me if you dare! I am the Reaper! Death follows in my footsteps, and already the streets of this city lay stained with the blood of the innocent! Stop me if you can, fools!” He then sends his tendrils of fear to strike at the flaming hero.

As soon as The Reaper issues his challenge, the fire-man cries “No more hiding coward!” and from his outstretched hands bursts a torrent of flame, twisting and writhing in the air. The Reaper reflexively puts his hands over his head to shield them from the flames, but they don’t come. Looking around him, the Reaper notes what the true intent was. The flames are surrounding him, hovering in the air in a ring of fire, trapping him to that spot. Even worse for the shadowy figure is that the ambient light from the flames are keeping all the shadows from the building at bay.

Once the Reaper is trapped in the flames, the glowing blue mote of energy move into attack saying “Don’t worry, this won’t kill you.” A line of blue energy streaks from the creature straight at the Reaper.

The shock of suddenly being exposed must have thrown off your concentration as you are unable to dodge the blow.

Just as the Reaper is recovering, he looks up and sees the costumed man (the one with a T on his chest) increase his size until he appears to be in excess of 30ft tall. He runs over to where the Reaper is, and drops a boot onto the Reaper.

After a resounding thud that shakes the ground, the giant lifts his boot to reveal the Reaper. Jen dashes over to the Reaper’s side and announces to everyone after examining him for a moment”He’s alive, just unconscious, I’ll go take him to the hospital and then return here to await my punishment.” Jen lifts up the Shadow and then dashes off to the hospital (she moves fast enough that you don’t take damage from the sun).

The giant shrinks down to normal size, and the mutants turn to the Mayor, ready to accept their punishment for attacking someone else with their powers.

The Mayor looks at them for a moment before turning to the microphone and saying “Why don’t we decided this with a vote? Because of the declared state of emergency, we are allowed to speed up the legal process a bit, and because so many people are here, I think this qualifies as a jury of your peers. All those in favor of pardoning these 5 of all criminal charges say “Aye”. A resounding “Aye” issues forth from the crowd. “All those opposed?” A few Nays can be heard throughout the crowd. “Motion passed. You may retake your seats if you so wish. Before we were interrupted, I believe someone else had a speech prepared, and it would be a shame to not let it be heard.”



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