A New Chance

Bank Robbery


Keys… check, dog… check, guns… check, First act of supervillainy… priceless. As he pulls out of his driveway in his van, Josh notices a paper taped to a signpost which he stops to get out and read. Huh, I think this gives me an idea he’ll think to himself before getting back in his car and continuing the non-eventful drive towards the bank. He’ll stop in a neighboring building’s parking lot, turn his lights and engines off, and observe the bank.

Geez3r I need answers to the following questions plus anything you think is important.

Any lights on inside the bank? Any lights that cast a glow on the bank? Any cops, guards, PC’s nearby?


The lights in the bank are off as far as you can tell. You can also see 1 guard inside from your angle, with a flash light. There may or may not be a second guard inside, but you’re not sure. I had written Paragon’s part before you posted this, so he’s off battling other bad guys.


Josh will take his knife & pistol, conceal them (obviously), wander over to some convenience/liquor store buy a 40, rub a quarter of it on his face and shirt, wander over to the bank in his best drunk stagger holding the bottle, lean on the door while keeping his face looking away from any obvious cameras, and say ”” ‘Ey gaurs can I like use your resroom full a secon?. At the same time he’ll look around for other guards and anything else of note.


You drunkenly stagger up to the door and successfully draw the guard’s attention. From your new angle, and from the time elapsed since you when and boozed yourself up, you can now see 2 addition guards. The one on the left looks like as if he was just making his rounds in the side offices, and the guard in the far back looks like he just got out of the john himself as you can see him adjusting his fly. When you ask to be let in, the guard at the door, looks to the other guard at the front, who merely shrugs. He says something to the guard in the back, that you can’t hear, and the proceeds to dig around in his pockets for a moment before digging in his pockets for a coin, which he then flips and catches. After looking at the result, he takes a key ring off his belt, and unlocks the door, letting you in saying “Any funny stuff and we thump ya one, kapeesh? It’s down the stairs back there.”


“Ke… Kapeez… K-K-Kapeesh.” Legion then follows the mans directions (drunken swagger included) while reading the signs on the bank doors and continuing to search for cameras. Once he gets to the bathroom he’ll search around for hiding spots, create a clone and send #1 to the van where he will take some duct tape and cover the license plates, drive around the bank where the guards can’t see, turn the lights off and park behind the bank in its parking lot. Behind the bank #1 will use some of the Tan makeup to change his skin’s color and check the drill for workingness.

Note: Orig still has pistol, knife, and beer.


You follow the hall down, most of these are offices, and one of them is a copying room. One of the guards is following you to make sure you keep to your word. You spot a camera at the top of the stair well, looking at toward the front of the back down the hall you just came through. When you reach the bottom of the stairwell, you enter onto a small landing. To the right of the stairs are the bathroom, opposite the stairs is a blank wall, and to the left is a jackpot. There is wall that looks much like a jail cell, with a solid looking lock on it, built into the wall. Beyond it, all of the wall are lined with what you assume are security deposit boxes, but you don’t know the entire layout, because it appears to be a hallway that goes underneath the bank, and you can’t see the rest from you angle. There is a camera in each of the 4 corners of this small room, along with at least 2 more in the block off area.

You enter the bathroom, and the guard waits outside to give you some privacy, there are no camera in the bath room, and there are 3 stalls, 3 urinals and 3 sinks.

The stuff in the van goes as planned.


Orig will take out his gun and knife ready them, turn off the lights and sit in a toilet stall with his legs up so there not visible from the outside, and just wait for a guard to go to the bathroom.

Note: The stall is unlocked but the door is still shut.

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