A New Chance

Day 1

After the warehouse explosion, there is a morning of lull as the newly superpowered PCs get used to their abilities and plan. Around noon, Mayor Rannier makes a speech, which is quickly followed by a failed assassination attempt by The Reaper. The attempt is foiled by a small group of mutates (Inferno, Titan, Bolt, Hound, and Jen), who quickly subdue him and take him off to the Hospital, where he has a change of heart and vows to make up for the evil he has done. Meanwhile, The Man follows the Mayor with a speech of his own, which ends the press conference.

Over the rest of the afternoon, new characters arrive on the scene, and begin the serious business of finding their new places in the world. Scores of thugs die that evening, and reams of internal monologues are created, but no other significant events mark the rest of Day #1.

Side Plots: Alex and Judith form a working relationship. Judith begins investigating the explosion. Legion plots to rob a bank.



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