A New Chance

Warehouse Explosion

The date is October 15, 2014, a Sunday. The time is 8:22AM. Most of the world is just waking up, and getting ready for just another day filled with mundane concerns and problems, but ultimately just a normal day. But yesterday was the last normal day there was ever going to be; last night everything changed forever. Last night, a warehouse in the southern end of the city exploded, spraying chemicals all over the surrounding area. Hazmat teams were called in from all over to help in this disaster, expecting to have to help countless people harmed in the explosion and the chemicals, but what greeted their eyes was far worse.

When they arrived at the scene, they did not see people, but rather monsters, freaks and other perversions of nature. But as they looked closer, those that were further away from ground zero were generally less mutated, but at the same time, they were no longer human. Each and every one of the people affected the chemicals and gas all gained abilities, which were by pure definition, inhumanly possible.

A horrible realization came over the Hazmat teams: there could be countless people affected by the chemicals and bear no physical marks of their exposure, and yet still posses inhuman abilities.

After coming to that realization, EVERYONE was notified, from the newspaper editor, to the mayor, and even the President himself. After all was said and done, the area was quarantined, guards posted all along the border.

Even as people are just waking up for the day, others are waking up a completely different being than they were the night before. Some use their abilities for good, others for ill, and others still for their own personal enjoyment. There is one thing however that is constant, everyone is hearing Melissa King’s voice all over the news:

“At approximately 11:43PM last night, Warehouse 112, which is owned and operated by Forthwind Shipping, exploded, spraying the surrounding area with chemicals and gases housed there. The area has been quarantined over the course of the night, and a clean up procedure has already started. However, the chemicals have had an unexpected effect on those close to ground zero. The people exposed have been mutated, and many of them are now exhibiting superhuman abilities. This may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie or comic book, but I assure you, this is no hoax, and there are people in our own very city that now have these amazing abilities. It is currently unclear if they are a threat to the public or not, as many of those affected may not even know they have these new abilities yet. The Mayor is urging the public to remain calm, and will hold a press conference later on this afternoon.

The Mayor is currently meeting with representatives from Forthwind Shipping and Balchem, as well as Dr. James T. Wilson of St. Paul’s Medical Hospital to gain a clear picture of the situation. All parties have declined to comment on this issue as of yet. Those affected by the chemicals are urged to go to St. Paul’s to receive treatment, and many of the heavily mutated are there already. On a related note, Charles Forthwind also donated $10 million of his own money to treating the people mutated by the explosion within hours of people being admitted to St. Paul’s. Those interested in donating to the hospital to aid in this time of crisis are to call: (555) 254 – 8326.

More on this story as it develops…”



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