Bank Robbery Plotting

This is just his intro work and planning – go here for the actual robbery scene.


1) (St. Paul’s stuff)

2) Ceiling Mart – You strike upon the outdoor aisle, which has a large number of multipurpose tools and swiss army knifes. If you believe that you could generate enough man power, there are a bunch of crowbars a few aisles down. At the other end of the store there is a section where you can order some guns and ammunition, but they keep none in stock as per store policy, there is quite a line at this section.

3) Middlebrooke bank -As you walk in, there are 4 teller booths opposite and parallel the door, all of which have a teller at the station. To you immediate right at the door, there is a slightly overweight guard siting next to the door, with a camera above his head on the wall, he does not have a gun on his person, but does have a night stick. There are 3, maybe 4 cameras in the area behind the tellers pointing towards the door and the waiting area, and another two pointing that the teller area itself. Off to the left and right are a collection of offices where people meet with bank officials to discuss loans the like. There is a door behind the teller booth marked “Authorized Personal Only” with a guard posted there as well, who is of similar build to the other one and armed in the same manner. When one of the tellers goes into the back room, you see a hallway with some more offices off to the left and right (presumably for bank executives), and a stair case going down at the end of the hall on the right, with a guard seated next to the door, apparently asleep. You cannot tell how well armed he is from this distance. The only way into the back room is from the teller booths.


Well I’l start with the equipment HOOVER can get the truck, and I think they’re still some use to searching through St. Paul

“St. Paul”

I’ll walk over to the teleporter’s bed and making careful note to due it when the Super-nurse isn’t nearby I’ll steal those medical records that hospital’s keep in a folder at the foot of the bed. If they don’t have them there I’ll walk out of the room and wander around the hospital until I see a map or a sign that tells me where Patient Records or Database or something similar is.


Casually waiting in line and going up to a teller I pull a handful of bills from my pocket made mostly of 1’s and 5’s I say “Hey can i get like a 20 for this?. While casually looking for small safes and those drawers that tellers take money out of. Then I’ll leave and wait outside.

Edit: Do they have metal detectors?


Having his part least affected by the change in the plan, I’ll go buy

1. 3 Identical wallets that look somewhat nice.

2. 3 Fake police badges that DON’Tsay fake in huge letters.

3. FBI esque glasses (think MIB)

4. 3 Pairs of Leather Gloves

5. Jason Mask

6. Black Paint

7. A 2×4

8. 50 ft of POLICE AREA DO NOT CROSS tape

9. Hispanic colored makeup

10. Pale colored makeup

11. 1 Gas mask

Then after paying for this I’ll put it in the truck and go pick up the bank guy and we’ll go drive around looking for a car.


St. Paul’s – You swipe the records quite easily. Most of the information is either illegible (rushed doctors have really bad handwriting) or is medical jargon that you don’t understand. You do however gather that his name is Frank Viola, he lives in apartment 8C in a residential flat in the western section of the city, he has blood type AB+, he’s covered under his Dad’s insurance, is allergic to penecillian, has broken his left arm twice and finally up until about 7AM this morning, his skin was purple.

Bank – You see no small safes or metal detectors. There is draw underneath each station where the tellers put the money, but you can’t get that great of a look how it works from your angle (an intentional design feature).

Ceiling Mart – Well, you can’t find a fake police badge aisle in your local super store (who would have guessed?). You’re not able to find a gas mask, a 2×4 and police tape in Ceiling Mart, but you’ve got an idea that you could find them at a Home Depo-esque store conveniently located right across the street.

Once your on the road, you drive around for a bit, and find a used car lot that has what you’re looking for. It’s black and one of the wheel wells is a little rusty, but it runs and it looks like it’ll get the job done.


Original @ St. Paul: Inventory: Nothing Important I scribble Thanks for sharing on a blank part of the medical record before carefully putting the records back using the same precautions as when I stole them, and then I buy some snacks from the Hospital gift shop and walk over to where the press conference is.

2CLones @ Car dealer Inventory: 3 Identical wallets that look somewhat nice. FBI esque glasses (think MIB), 3 Pairs of Leather Gloves, Jason Mask, Black Paint, Hispanic colored makeup, Pale colored makeup HOOVER walks up to the car checks the price tag and examines it while he waits for one of those Used Car Salesmen to come over. While Gorges tries to find where Voila’s apartment is on a map in the glove compartment.


Car dealer – Your standard smarmy used car salesman walks up to you stretching out his hand saying “Why hello there gentlemen. My name’s Chip. And I must say that you have good eyes to pick out that vehicle right there. If there’s anything you need, I’m here to help.”


Original walking to conference: Continues walking…


“Thanks we were thinking of getting this kind of van, so how much would you be willing to sell it for? Of course we still need to test drive it, and if you have any other of these kinds of vans that would be nice.


Original heading towards press conference – A guard turns you away at the door for not having a press badge, but he welcomes you to stand around the perimeter to watch the conference anyway.

Car Dealer – “Well, the price is listed about $4000 right about now, but I think we could knock it down to $3500 because you’re so interested. If memory serves, we have 3 vans of a similar make, but the one you’re looking at is in the best condition, but also priced the highest. Would you like to see the others?”


Orig @ Press Conference

“Fine. I say before heading off to stand around in a relatively quiet place near the conference so that I can direct the preparations peacefully.

Clone # 1&2 @ Car Dealer How would you feel about $1,000 now and $100 a month for 2 years? Assuming of course it works well but my brother can take it for a test drive while we work out a contract.

Clone 2 does whatever bureacracy stuff is necessary to test drive the van, and then starts heading off towards that Home Depo-esque place.

Spoiler diplomacy – (1d20+18)[35]

Clone #3 @ Hospital

I head over to Frank Viola’s bed and say”So you can teleport right? So where have you been popping off to while I was here? Because if you could control it perfectly it would be really powerful”


car dealership – The salesman ponders for a moment; your direct approach kind of took him by surprise. After a moment’s consideration he says “If you make it $1500 up front, and paying the remaining $2000 in $100 monthly increments, you can drive it off the lot before lunch if you so wish.” If you agree to the offer, he takes you inside and breezes right through all the paper work.

Hospital – Frank looks at your curiously for a moment, before saying “I’ve been going to different parts of the hospital, or at least trying, for most of the morning. The farthest I think I’ve gone it to the top of the roof…” He pauses for a moment and looks at you for a moment before saying “Haven’t I seen you around here before? You look familiar.”


Orig @ Conference

Orig. walks a few blocks away to a secluded area and waits for #2 so they can reform.

Clone #1&2

After pondering the recent developments for a few seconds #1 answers “Sure, sounds okay. Josh I won’t be needing a ride anymore so you can go home.”. At this dismissal #2 heads back to the conference and walks over to where Orig. is. “It was fun while it lasted.” “I know… hug.” shortly after touching a familiar electric charge grew up his arms, which he still had wrapped around an invisible person for almost a minute before sitting down in the truck and watching the rest of the speeches.

Clone #3

“Yeah I’ve been here for about 20 minutes seeing if there was anything I could do to help. you probably recognize me from when I was reading the hospital’s records nearby. But then again you could remember me from when I was driving here.”


Clone 3 – Frank looks at you as if you should be saying something, but realizing you’re not, he asks “So are you going to tell me your name or what?”

Ceiling Mart – They’ve got quite a selection of power tools, but no silencers.

Trigga please – They do have silencers, but it’s not something they just hand out over the counter. It’ll take probably about 1-2 weeks to go through the whole rigmarole of getting one.


Orig @ Trigga Please Gun-Store

2 weeks? I probably should have gotten one a while ago but now is an acceptable time. I then search through the store and buy 2 Laser sight thingies, 1 Rifle Scope that can fit on an Ak-47, and then ask the gun dude “Hey I was wondering how I would go about getting silencers, I need one for a beretta 92F and if you have any in stock I also have a rifle I’d want one for?”

Clone #1 @ Ceiling-Mart

After having no luck in finding silencers #1 walks over to the tool section and asks one of those mildly disgruntled “associates” Hey I’m entering this competition where people build replica catapults and see who can shoot the farthest, and I was looking for a portable drill so that I can make holes for all the little axles that are part of the mechanics, but it needs to be strong enough to pierce maybe an inch of steel, do you guys have anything like that? Spoiler [roll0]

Clone #3 @ Hospital

“Oh, my name is Josh… my powers are super fast healing and I can create copies of myself. So do you want me to get you some coffee or soda? It’s probably safer for me to walk than for you to try and teleport.


Trigga Please – Not even blinking at the slightly odd request, the old guy behind the counter bends down for a moment and returns holding a few forms. “What you have to do is fill out all of these forms, and bring them completed down to this office at City Hall.” He scribbles ‘office 527’ on a scrap piece of paper and hands that to you with the forms. “After they do a background check on you, and pay for a license or two, they’ll put a bunch of fancy stamps on those forms. Hand those completed forms back into me, and I can hook you up with nearly anything you want.”

Ceiling Mart – The oblivious employee shows you to heavy power tools section, where he shows you this behemoth of a drill, which must weigh 30lbs that could drill right through iron of that thickness; price tag of $672.99

Hospital – Umm coffee would be nice… You can sense that Frank’s a little uncomfortable talking to people.

Legion It’s pretty expensive but it will get the job done easily.Then tell the man these exact words… Orig began to narrate a sentence with #1 speaking it in almost the exact moment he hears it “Well it looks nice but I am not going to buy it unless it comes with a warranty or some kind of return policy.” Then Orig changes topics and starts telling #3 Ok, some weird guy tried to attack the Mayor but he got his but kicked, and Jen took him to the hospital so try to end your conversation kindly and go search for him I don’t think he’ll ever be our friend but it would still be informative to study him.On it. #3 replies before heading off and getting a coffee and a Dr. Pepper heading back to Frank and saying “Here’s your coffee, I’m sorry about this but something came up and I have to go but it was nice talking with you.” before waiting a few seconds for a response. Similtaneously Orig. was heading off to the parking lot of City Hall where he stops to fill out all the annoying junk in the forms.


Place where they’re buying the drill – The salesman informs points to the logo on the drill then to a sign with the same logo, which says that all products made by that company have a life time warranty, if it ever breaks, you can get a new one for free.

City Hall – After pushing past people leaving the conference, you make it to City Hall, and find the office you’re supposed to go to. After jumping through a few bureaucratic hoops (which I am not evil enough to describe here), you manage to file all the necessary paper work, and they’ll let you know if you’ve been approved in the coming days after they’ve finished the background check.

Hospital – Frank mutters a combination thanks and goodbye as you give him the coffee. If you go looking for the Reaper, it doesn’t take too long to guess where he is. His room is the only one with guards both in the room and outside. If you try to get in you’re denied admitance, but as you walk past you notice a man on fire, and a mote of blue energy in the room watching the shadow and you also notice something that looks remarkably like a giant foot print is covering the Reaper, who is also hand cuffed to the bed. It appears that Jen was the one attending to him, because he was treated so quickly, and she’s the one filling out the chart. You’ve got a feeling that he’s (the Reaper) going to be out for a while.


Summary: Orig: Asks about a mutant registration program Clone 1: Buys drill goes to Home depo-esque. Quickly attempting to get everything necessary #1 rushes to pick up: A ladder that can extend to 5 feet higher than the bank’s roof, 5 of the cheapest bricks or otherwise really heavy objects (concrete blocks, paperweights etc.), a gas mask, a small amount of wood, & police tape.

Clone 3: Inquires about donating blood.


Points him to the blood donation, and the Original heads over to Police HQ to register. He has some RP for the rest of the afternoon, but the actual robbery does not begin until that night.

Final Preparations: 1. Feeds his dog . 2. Gets a dufflebag. 3. Gets weapons (Ak-47, Pistol, Knife) and also: Those tire chains used for traction in the snow, a handheld mirror, wirecutters, electric tape, duct tape, & Red spray paint. 4. Puts all the stuff he bought today in the van. 5. Ties the tire chains into an 8-12 foot long chain. 6. Plays with & takes dog for a walk. 7. Practices speech on utilitarianism. 8. Sets alarm clock for middle of the night. Approx 2 AM 9. Goes to sleep.

Bank Robbery Plotting

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